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Margan is an expert in on-line inspection and monitoring of critical piping systems, pressure equipment, and concrete and metal structures. Margan is also the recognized pioneer and developer of the Quantitative Acoustic Emission (QAE) technology. This technology is now used both in Real-Time (24/7) and on call (Baseline and Trend Monitoring Inspections).


Since 1994, Margan has introduced a number of inspection concepts and technologies that have changed the way various industries inspect their critical components and structures. In the power industry, Margan has contributed to the development of:

Quantitative Acoustic Emission (QAE) technology for on-line flaw detection in the early stage of development.
Applying acoustic emission to high chromium steel piping systems (P91 / P92)
Margan Real-Time – 24/7 inspection of HEP (High Energy Piping)
Margan Real-Time Light – 24/7 inspection of selected areas in HEP
Trend Monitoring Inspection (TMI) to monitor changes in pipes condition
Detection and evaluation of plant operation conditions and dynamic events causing flaw origination and development
Evaluation of a dynamic hangers' performance

In other industries, Margan has successfully applied QAE technology for on-line inspection of low density polyethylene reactors (LDPE), water cooling loops in nuclear power plants, glass-lined equipment, concrete and reinforced concrete structures and other applications.


With an industry high in the number of installations of acoustic emission systems (more than 170), Margan is the most experienced company in on-line inspection and monitoring in the power industry. Through more than a decade of on-line inspection of high energy piping systems, Margan's QAE has proven to deliver!

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