Seam Welded Elbow Real-Time Monitoring


Cracks in seam welded clam shell elbows will not cause catastrophe as long as they are beening monitored. Seam welded elbows may be very sensitive to creep fatigue cracking damage, due to the unit operation and/or cycling. Revealing and monitoring this type of damage is a great value enabling better outage planning for repair/replace.


Margan Real-Time monitoring works 24/7, on running lines, and provides an effective solution.  Using remote access allows Margan collect and analyzes data in real time at an affordable cost.
Margan Real-Time Features:
•    Enables safe operation
•    Monitors your pipe 24/7
•    Improved detection due to higher frequency data sampling
•    earlier warning before failure
•    Fast and easy installation while the plant is operating regularly.  
•    No maintenance costs to the customer.
Margan Real-Time is also available for 100% coverage of the line.

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